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We offer two eBay courses: Basics of Selling on eBay and Building an eBay Business – Beyond the Basics plus private one-on-one consultations.

Basics of Selling on eBay

The Basics of Selling on eBay is designed for those who have never sold on eBay or who may not be comfortable with their knowledge base on how to start and run an eBay business and want to refocus on the fundamentals of running an eBay business.

Our one-on-one class will allow you to list an item to sell under your own eBay account. We will have you bring items to research and complete the entire listing with pictures and a complete description. We also package the item up so it’s ready to ship when you leave that day. As an added bonus, you are allowed to bring one guest for free!

In the “Basics of Selling on eBay” course, you will learn how to:

  • Open an eBay Seller Account
  • Do Research and Create Listings
  • Improve Your Listings with Better Descriptions and Photos
  • Set Pricing for Your Items
  • Open and Use a PayPal Account
  • Monitor Your eBay Listings
  • Complete Your Transactions

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Building Your Business on eBay – Beyond the Basics

This course will help you build your business on eBay. It will provide a greater understanding about how to increase efficiency and automate processes, as well as keys to success, like understanding eBay searches and how to gain more visibility. It will also cover marketing – both on and off eBay.

  • Keys to Success on eBay
  • Starting an eBay Business
  • When is it Time to Open an eBay Store
  • Benefits of an eBay Store
  • Developing a Business Strategy
  • Create Great Listings
  • Save Time & Reduce Costs
  • Maximize Listings
  • Visibility and Sales
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Benefits of a Top Rated Seller
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Learn from experienced eBay store owners of over 10 years.